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Imported from Italy and designed for constant, heavy use making these drinkers one of the most versatile heavy duty drinkers available on the market.


We have used this product outdoors with our own free range flock for 10 years now, and never having to service it in any way, we are 100% confident you will be satisfied with this product!


* Suitable for up to 150 full sized hens or 300 chicks if used in larger brooder/shed systems.


* Made with quality UV stabilised plastic to withstand NZ’s harsh climate.


* Designed to sit directly on the ground or hanging.


* Water depth in drinker is adjustable from 10mm to 40mm depth.


* Comes complete with 3 meters of hose, rope for hanging and shut off valve.


* Contains a weighted ballast you can fill with water or sand to stop unit swinging around even in high winds.


* Overall size is 400mm diameter x 640mm height.

PLEASE NOTE: This unit is designed to run off low a pressure water supply with a maximum working pressure of 0.2 to 0.5 bar (8 PSI Max). Totally suitable for a gravity feed supply.

Jumbo ‘Bell’ Drinker


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