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Automatically dispenses grain, meal or pellets. The hopper ensures feed is always available and topping up is a breeze. The hopper system allows all of the oldest feed to fall through first, meaning there is never old feed going stale, even if topping up regularly. No feed is exposed to the elements, so food is kept fresh and dry.

Available in 4 sizes


No feed is exposed to the elements, so food is kept fresh and dry.

The unique treadle operation of this feeder will insure your poultry has all day access to their food, but not sparrows and other wild birds.


No risk of injury with the unique treadle system which allows your poultry to walk on to the ramp which activates an inwards opening trap door, giving free access to their feed. The operating system is almost silent, so unlike other treadle feeders, will not spook extra timid poultry. The feeder can be operated by all poultry big and small from the smallest of bantams to the largest of heavy breeds.


The adjustable treadle allows for birds as little as 250 grams to open, if this is too light, then simply adjust to one of the 5 different settings.


No feather damage to birds necks or breasts from reaching in to deep troughs, the feed dish is shallow, so perfect for all poultry and ducks. Built from robust heavy gauge galvanized steel to ensure it stays weather tight. *Minor assembly required upon delivery. Bird Self-Training only takes approx 2 to 3 days.


Measures approximate;

350mm wide x 470mm high x 480mm deep - including treadle.
12kg Nominal Capacity - will dispense Grain, Mash or Pellets

Feed-O-Matic Treadle Feeder - 12kg


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